What We Love

  • Until AK Taylor offers trips to other galaxies, Bolivia will just have to do. This interior South American gem has a stark high altitude landscape filled with alpine lakes, salt flats and Amazonian jungle that will satisfy anyone's extraterrestrial fantasies.
  • The spectacular Laguna Colorada blood red waters attract three types of native flamingos while reflecting the surrounding golden peaks.
  • Titicaca, the world’s highest lake, must be crossed by boat to reach the ancient Incan temples and palaces on the Islands of the Sun and Moon.

Things To See & Do 

  • Take a "deep dive" into Bolivia’s archaeology with a visit to Tiwanaku. New discoveries about this pre-Incan civilizations happen on a regular basis.
  • Visit the largest salt flats on Earth and learn a new appreciation for the one-point perspective. Drive out and pay a visit to the community that lives out there. 
  • Descend into Bolivia’s Amazon Rainforest where tributaries of the Amazon River are teeming with river dolphins and caiman crocodiles.

Combine With

Given Bolivia’s central location on the continent, it is easy to extend a trip to another South American country such as Peru, Brazil or Chile. A visit to the marine wildlife haven of the Galápagos Islands would provide an especially fascinating complement to Bolivia’s striking high altitude geography.