What We Love

  • The geographic and climatic diversity of this long, skinny country from the Atacama Desert in the north to Tierra del Fuego in the south.
  • Chile is home to at least seven major climatic subtypes, including Mediterranean, alpine tundra, and subtropical. Translation: Each region is a unique world unto itself, or pack lots of layers!
  • Isolated by the impenetrable Andes to the east, Chile has a distinct culture apart from its Latin American siblings. Perhaps due to its physical isolation, Chileans are charming and inviting to visitors—eager to share their diverse cultures, food, wine, and seriously epic landscapes.
  • Long, glorious hikes or horseback rides that let one enjoy all the cheese and wine one desires.  

Things To See & Do

  • Traverse the wild, jagged peaks of Patagonia’s Torres del Paine by foot, by vehicle, or on horseback.
  • Trek through Chile’s famed Lakes District to reach soaring, snow-capped volcanoes.
  • Star-gaze in the Atacama Desert—the driest place on earth with the clearest skies. Tour private vineyards in the bountiful valleys surrounding Santiago

Combine With

2,300 miles west off the coast of mainland Chile lies Easter Island, a remote volcanic island in Polynesia. Wonder at the mysteries of its ancient inhabitants who vanished, leaving only cryptic stone statues (the Moai) as clues to their demise. Or head north across the desert to Peru, Chile’s brother from another mother, and engage in their national rivalry. Which country really does make the best pisco sour?