Croatia & Montenegró

Dubrovnik - no rights

What We Love

  • For those who are looking for a break from the traditional Italian or French Mediterranean getaway, sailing up the Dalmatian coast is every bit as—some may say even more—beautiful.  
  • Dubrovnik (aka King’s Landing if one’s a “Game of Thrones” fan) is a fully walled medieval town perched over turquoise water. A stroll atop the wall provides breathtaking views. 
  • A visit in the fall would be both beautiful and peaceful.
  • One can’t go wrong with a boat to take one up or down the coast.  
  • The island of Hvaar is charming and offers great nightlife. 
  • Montenegró is a small coastal country just south of Croatia with gorgeous fjords, white beaches, and warm summer water. 

Things To See & Do

  • Visit ancient Zagreb, the turquoise Plitvice Lakes, and the Adriatic Coast.
  • Book a private tour of Split's Meštrovic Gallery and taste a freshly harvested oyster in Ston en route to Dubrovnik.
  • Make a neighborhood connection during a talk in Dubrovnik with a local who shares her experiences during the Balkan Wars.
  • Enjoy the local Croatian wines, which are delicious and not often exported, alongside one’s salt-encrusted fish.