What We Love

  • From the Rift Valley up to the UNESCO-designated World Heritage Site in the Ethiopian highlands, there are numerous historical sites to visit as well as some incredibly diverse cultures along the Blue Nile and Omo Rivers.
  • Numerous endemic species of mammals, such as the Simien wolf, Walia ibex, and 29 species of endemic birds, are found nowhere else in Africa.
  • The people of Ethiopia are incredibly diverse, from the devout Orthodox Christians, who still read ancient manuscripts in 12th-century churches, to the Mursi, who adorn themselves with enormous clay lip plates, and the nomadic, Karo who paint their bodies with clay.

Things To See & Do 


  • Visit the peoples of the Omo River Valley, the Dorze, Konso, Tsemaye, Mursi, Bure, and Karo and other tribes, all have different languages and customs.
  • Trekking into the highlands to visit some of the earliest Christian sites, like such as the 12th-c Century Orthodox churches hewn from rock at Lalibela.
  • Visit the obelisks of the Axumite Kingdom and the forested island monasteries of Gondar.


Combine With:

Visitors usually add on Ethiopia to a safari in Kenya or vice versa.