Christmas Markets in Bamberg

Christmas Markets in Bamberg

What We Love

  • With its impossibly beautiful Alps and storybook villages, Germany is the birthplace of Beethoven, Einstein, Goethe, modern philosophy, and the Brothers Grimm.
  • Ancient, romantic hilltop castles built by kings; cobblestone streets constructed centuries before Columbus set sail.
  • All the delicious beer, wurst, strudel, and dumplings one can eat.
  • Exploring the art galleries and hopping nightlife of Berlin, the current bohemian capital of Europe. 
  • Trying to sing along in a traditional German biergarten.

What To Do

  • Visit the famous Neuschwanstein Castle. 
  • Bike through the English Garden in Munich.
  • With our guides, discover the bunker where the “Monument Men” heroically rescued troves of stolen art.
  • Go hiking in the Alps.
  • Spend a day in the gorgeous town of Bamburg. 
  • Do a Christmas market cruise down the Danube. (The Germans invented Christmas.)