What We Love

  • With its markets, colors, smells, and ancient labyrinth streets, it is as close to time travel as one can get.  
  • Morocco has wonderfully diverse landscapes, from the mighty Atlas Mountains–covered with pink Persian roses in the spring–to relaxed seaside villages and the Sahara Desert. 
  • Whether one is buying bread from the bazaar or dining at the poshest restaurant in Marrakesh, Morocco is a "foodie's" paradise. 
  • Fantastic shopping abounds. 

Things To See & Do

  • Hike the Atlas Mountains and then have tea at Sir Richard Branson's famous Casbah Tamadot. Even better, stay there for the weekend.
  • Find beautiful–and authentic–Berber rugs in Marrakech. 
  • Watch the precision with which tiles and pottery are hand painted, as they have been for centuries in the ancient city of Fez.
  • Charter a plane out to a luxury tented camp in the Sahara. 
  • Wander the gardens of legendary fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent's Moroccan retreat.   
  • Explore the ruins of Volubilis, the furthest outpost of the Roman Empire.
  • See another side of Morocco in the coastal town of Essaouira. 

Combine With

Spain is just over the Gibraltar Straight. There are easy flights from Tangier, Casablanca and Marrakech. One will see the architecture of Southern Spain in a whole new light after a visit to Morocco.