Red Square

Red Square

What We Love

  • The sheer size and scale of this country makes itself known around every corner.
  • Finding a new appreciation for vodka and caviar. 
  • Be prepared to see a lifetime’s worth of marble, gold, emeralds, rubies, and diamonds. 
  • Moscow is a vibrant, electric capital. It is the center of the Russian universe and one can feel it. It is also a very handsome city with vast parks, forests, and charming tree-lined boulevards in addition to the infamous Kremlin, which is quite peaceful inside as there are no cars. 
  • St. Petersburg is Catherine the Great’s attempt at building her own Paris and she does not disappoint. The Hermitage and Winter Palace are filled with endless treasures of art and design.

Things To See & Do 

  • Explore the Kremlin's State Armory and the Diamond Fund, housing the 190-carat Orlov diamond.
  • Visit the incomparable Hermitage Museum, including the Gold Room, a treasure gallery of jewelry and artifacts.
  • The high-speed Sapsan train takes you from Moscow to St. Petersburg in comfort and luxury. We recommend bringing your favorite Tolstoy novel. 
  • In St. Petersburg, check out the privately owned Fabergé Museum.
  • Get your picture taken in front of St. Basil’s with your new faux fur hat.