What We Love

Carmine Bee Eaters

Carmine Bee Eaters

  • Zambia is a peaceful country with fantastic parks and reserves. It's an affordable safari option that is heavy on wildlife and light on crowds. 
  • We love the classic, old-style camps that are not extremely luxurious but are very comfortable. 
  • The South Luangwa Valley floods for part of each year, and as the waters recede and the pools dry up, the game in the area begins to concentrate around the Luangwa River and the many oxbow lakes.
  • The sun has a way of consistently turning into a glowing orb of orange light as it sets on the horizon.
  • In the dry season, thousands of carmine bee-eaters nest along the banks of the river. It’s a sight to behold. 

Things To See & Do 

  • Try a walking safari. This is a great country to stretch your legs in the bush.
  • Take an evening cruise on the mighty Zambezi.
  • Known for its daytime leopard sightings, keep your eyes peeled. 
  • Enjoy a thrilling night game drive where one may see lions, leopards and hyenas on the hunt. Watch enormous pink hippos grazing on land and see rare small mammals.