What We Love 

  • The lush, mountainous landscape is spectacular. 
  • Over the years, we have visited the gorillas multiple times, which is one of our absolute favorite trips. 
  • Being in the presence of wild gorillas, who accept and observe visitors with peace and curiosity, forges a connection that is hard to put into words. 

Things To See & Do 

  • Enjoy the scenic drive into the Parc des Volcans, where visitors will first glimpse the mighty Virungas, a chain of nine impossibly steep volcanoes that top 15,000 feet. 
  • Relax at a comfy lodge before and after trekking along the steep jungle slopes with an expert guide.
  • Gorillas are a must, but visitors may also be interested in searching for golden monkeys. They live primarily in the bamboo thickets, and are harder to track, but their fat furry cheeks and playful demeanor are completely worth it.   
  • Visit an ex-poachers’ village, an award-winning conservation initiative where former poachers now dedicate their lives to eco-tourism and protecting endangered species. 

Combine With

Visitors might want to extend their travels up into Uganda or add a safari in Kenya and/or the islands Zanzibar, Lamu or the Seychelles.


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