What We Love

  • Tanzania is a wilderness lover's paradise with some of the world's last great intact ecosystems.
  • Tanzania provides front-row seats to the wildebeest migration and incredible views over and inside the Ngorongoro Crater, a veritable Garden of Eden.
  • It's hard to comprehend the sheer scale of the preserves here. The Serengeti alone is 5600 square miles. Once guests have visited the northern circuit, they can head to the more remote and even more vast southern parks such as Ruaha and the Selous, which are famous for their elephant herds and numerous other animals and bird species. 

Things To See & Do

  • Marvel at the scale of the parks and the abundant wildlife.
  • Climb Mount Kilimanjaro. While it is not a technically challenging climb, the weather and altitude can pose dangerous conditions at 19,430 feet (5,896 meters). We only use the most reputable company with the best safety record. We also prefer taking the less-traveled routes up the mountain.
  • Charter out to Mahale and stay in a lovely tented camp on Lake Tanganyika to observe chimps habituated by Japanese scientists.
  • Visit the Hadza Bushmen. The Hadza are probably the most traditional tribe in all of Africa. Join them on their daily activities, which may include following the honeyguide bird to fresh honey. 

Combine With

Wrap up a Tanzanian or East African tour with a few days lounging on white sand beaches, exploring the ancient streets of Zanzibar, and enjoying fresh seafood. 


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