Northern Africa


Separated by the vast Sahara Desert, it's a mistake to assume that North and Sub-Saharan Africa share anything but a name. The product of ancient empires, close-by Euro neighbors and indigenous cultures, Morocco and Egypt are hard to beat for their stunning landscapes, intoxicating cities, and wondrous historical treasures.


What We Love

  • The markets, the colors, the smells, the ancient labyrinth streets, it's as close to time travel as you can get.  
  • Morocco has a wonderful diversity of landscapes from the mighty Atlas Mountains–covered with pink Persian roses in the spring–to the relaxed seaside villages, to the Sahara Desert. 
  • Whether you're buying bread from the bazaar or dining at the poshest restaurant in Marrakesh, Morocco is definitely a food-lovers' destination. 
  • Fantastic shopping.  

Things To See & Do

  • Hike the Atlas Mountains followed by tea at Sir Richard Branson's famous Casbah Tamadot. Even better, stay the weekend there.
  • Find a beautiful–and authentic–Berber rugs in Marrakech. 
  • Watch tiles and pottery get made in the ancient city of Fez
  • Take a helicopter out to a tented camp in the Sahara. 
  • Wander Yves Saint Laurent's gardens.  
  • Visit the magical village of Ait Benhaddou, our personal favorite. 
  • Do as the Romans did upon the ruins of their furthest imperial city. 
  • Escape the heat and catch some waves in the coastal town of Essaouira. 

Combine With:

Since Morocco is very close to Spain, a combined trip makes sense. In addition, it is also possible to combine a trip to Tunisia, which is only a hundred miles south of Sicily. While Tunisia is on the African continent it has a very relaxed and Mediterranean charm mixed with the influence of many different cultures. Tunisia is also the location for the filming of The "English Patient" and "Star Wars" and is known for spectacular sunsets over the desert.


Sphinx of Giza (Image courtesy A&K)

Sphinx of Giza (Image courtesy A&K)

What We Love

• Attempting to wrap our heads around 6,000 years of history

• Comfort cruising down the Nile in one of the “Sun Boat” cruise ships. It’s an efficient and very comfortable way to see the country.

What To Do  

• We like to go with an Egyptologist who can explain the millennia of archaeology.

• The famous Pyramids of Giza and camping in the White Desert

• Alexandria, Egypt's second largest city has beautiful beaches and interesting ruins like the Catacombs of El-Shogafa, a Roman Amphitheater and Pompeii's Pillar.

• St. Catherine's fortress monastery, situated on the Sinai Peninsula at an altitude of 5,000 feet is a must. 

• Find out why the Red Sea is called as much and strap on some goggles at the Coral Beach Nature Reserve which offers incredible diving and snorkeling.



While You’re in the Neighborhood 

Egypt's location makes it ideal to combine with a safari to Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, or Uganda to see some of Africa's wildlife and people. If one would like to delve further into the cultures of the Middle East we can also arrange combined trips to Jordan, Israel, Syria, Turkey and Lebanon.