Our Favorite Storybook Locations


Eastern Europe 

Fairies and witches feel about as real here as do the castles and cobblestones. When we visited this castle outside Prague, the forests were filled with "fire flies," but you can't fool us. We know a proper fairy when we see one. Read more ... 




New Zealand 

Visit Hobbiton, the movie set where Peter Jackson shot Lord of the Rings. Read more ...




So picturesque and authentically medieval, Dubrovnik was chosen as the location for Kings Landing in the HBO show, Game of Thrones. Fear not, one does not need to be a fan to appreciate this magical town. Read more...






This is where literally, "A long time ago, in a land far, far away," was invented. Germany only unified in 1871. For centuries, it was a patchwork of kingdoms separated by mountains and "enchanted" forests. This is where the original Brothers Grimm aggregated local folklore into the fairytales we all know today. Read more ... 




via Wikipedia 

via Wikipedia 


King Arthur, Robin Hood, Tristan and Isolde, A Secret Garden, Pride & Prejudice, The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe, Jane Eyre, Harry Potter, Downton Abbey ... shall we go on?





Image A&K

Image A&K


How about a real Arabian Nights adventure in the Wadi Rum, aka "The Valley of the Moon"? Read more ...